Love2Learn Programs

Preschool, 3 Year Old classes

We use Milo’s Surprise Party picture story book to engage the children in learning a new letter and sound each week along with meeting a fun animal friend .

These classes incorporate

  • show and share – where the children bring things from home starting with the sound from the prior week in their own little Milo Monkey box !
  • the story sound page –learning the letter name and making its sound. handwriting – Upper and Lower case letter tracing
  • Phonemic awareness activities such as , sound talk, syllable clapping and rhyming.
  • craft/music/storytime
  • Numeracy component. Counting rhymes, recognition and counting one to one correspondence, shapes and colours as a part of the Literacy program.

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4 Year Old Classes

Classes are run

Tuesday – Friday 9.30-10.30 am  

Thursday 4-5pm

 NEW * Saturday 10-11 am commencing Saturday 17th March 2018

 This class teaches new children and revises for the children who have completed 3YO classes all the letters and sound links one week at a time. It also introduces word building, blending , segmenting and manipulating sounds.

  • Phonemic Awareness
  • Onset and Rhyme/Alliteration/Syllables/Rhyming
  • Upper and lower case letter tracing, handwriting and writing their names.
  • Craft/Music/Games and Fun!

We learn “Heart words” which are basic High frequency words – they are taught in a sequence which go hand in hand with our Little Learner readers.

The children learn how to construct basic sentences using the Heart Words and their skill in sounding out words .

After the first sequence of sounds is taught m s f a p t c i, we introduce our little learner readers. The children get to take them home and practise their sound and Heart word skills.

We cover the vowels and teach the digraphs and dipthongs ck ng th ch sh wh.

Numeracy component : counting rhymes, recognition of numbers and one to one correspondence. Shapes and colours.

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The Little Learners love Literacy Program

Little Learners love Literacy is an Australian Developed program published by ACER. It was written by Maureen Pollard. This program has been tried and proven to be effective and is based on evidence based research.

The Little Learner Readers are decodable, sequential, brightly illustrated and the children love to read about the adventures of Pip and Tim.

The sounds of the letters are the primary focus in the program as the sounds are what the children use when reading words not letter names. They are taught out of the regular order to ensure the children learn the sounds and work with the ones that are easier to make first and this gets them ready to start to read the readers at the end of first term and progress with the remaining sounds, heart word and reader sequence.

The Readers can be downloaded through iTunes.

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Prep/Foundation Class

Tuesday 4-5pm 1 hour session After school

This program is designed to help support your child in learning the basics of reading,writing and spelling. It has a strong phonetic basis and in the first term we learn all letter names and sounds, segmenting and building of words including sound manipulation within words.  As the year progresses, the children learn about blending of sounds, double consonants, digraphs and diphthongs.

The children learn and practise the high frequency words needed to link sentences together. We use Maureen Pollard’s Spell check program to support their spelling. The children will read the Little Learner readers in class and bring them home for further practise.

This program incorporates games, music, craft and fun!

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Grade 1 / 2 Class

Wednesday 4-5pm

1 hour session after school

This program is an extension of the Prep/Foundation Program.

We revise sound letter links, blending, segmenting, sound manipulation, consonant clusters, diphthongs, digraphs and long vowel sounds.

The children are able to take home decodable readers from the Little Learner selection and from many others we have.

We cover synonyms, homonyms, homophones, antonyms.

We read the Little Learner Readers together.

Writing is also a component of this program teaching the basic recount and narrative genres and correct punctuation.

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This Program has been successfully run over the past 3 years and is designed as an intensive series of 1 hour classes covering most of our 4YO class content in both Literacy and Numeracy.

It is an opportunity for the parents of 4-6 YO children who did not begin at Love 2 Learn at the start of the year to engage in learning the term prior to school commencing.

These classes run for 1hr and 15 minutes.

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Holiday Programs

Last Year we began running 2 hour sessions over 3 consecutive days during each of the term holidays.

These were theme based literacy activity sessions including craft, cooking and games. They were enjoyed by all who attended.

We give preference to children already at Love 2 Learn classes and offer the spaces to them first. If there are places left we will offer them to others.

Click here to express your interest in our upcoming Easter break program.

  • April holidays – Easter Theme
  • July Holidays – Giraffes can’t Dance-Positive Growth Mindset activities-Literacy/craft/cooking/music/games
  • September Holidays –
  • January Holidays 2018 (  Tues 23rd/ Wed 24th / Thurs 25th January 2018) – Beach/Pirate theme – Get ready to go back to school

Contact us using the form below for more information about our holiday program.

Private Tutoring

Private tutoring and Assessments in Literacy are available with Lisa Price from Preschool to Grade 3.

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Maths Magic

As part of our usual Literacy classes we integrate Maths concepts  with the Literacy content for the session.

Our new Maths Magic Program is an extra session we offer in Term 3 and 4.

It is a hands on, multi sensory approach to learning about Maths . These classes help develop a love of Maths from an early age and an interest in how Maths applies in their every day lives.

Maths Story Time is an integral part of the session encouraging numeracy discussion in a meaningful context. Linking Literacy to Maths helps Maths come alive for children.

Children will be challenged to problem solve, discover patterns and order and classify objects as part of the program.

We will teach numbers-words and numerals, counting, ordinal numbers, basic addition and subtraction, groups of and how many groups of activities.

Money/Shopping, Measurement, Time and Shapes are also covered.

The Maths Magic Program offered in the second part of the year allows children to explore the key numeracy concepts in a fun and engaging way, setting them up for a successful introduction to Maths at School.

Maths Story Time Book suggestions are :


Ten Apples on Top -Theo Le Sieg

One Bear at Bedtime by Mick Inkpen

Leaping Lizards by Stuart Murphy

Ordinal Numbers

10 Rubber Ducks by Eric Carle


Five minutes Peace-Jill Murphy

My Grandmothers clock-Geraldine McCaughrean


Counting on Frank-Rod Clement


The 500 Hats of Bartholomew Cubbins- Dr Suess

365 Penguins- Jean -Luc Fromental and Joelle Jolivet

Maths Activities to do at home to promote children’s Numeracy concepts

  • Talk about the shapes of things and go looking for every day objects that are those shapes
  • Look for similarities and differences in things -which is bigger/smaller/longer/wider ?
  • Count the number of cans in the pantry /beds in the house
  • Collect items and make repeating patterns with them
  • Cook together and let them help measure the ingredients
  • Talk about the days of the week they do certain activities on
  • Take them grocery shopping and get them to count as they put fruit into a bag /look for how much items cost- which is more expensive?
  • Study our Australian coins and notes  together and look at their values
  • Find all the things in the house that have numbers on them


The Little Learners love Literacy Program

Little Learners love Literacy is an Australian Developed program published by ACER. It was written by Maureen Pollard. This program has been tried and proven to be effective and is based on evidence based research.