Literacy Classes for Pre-School & Early Primary

Love 2 Learn runs Literacy classes for Preschool, 3-6 year olds and Early Primary, Prep to Grade 2 focusing on phonics, handwriting, reading and spelling. Includes basic numeracy skills in number recognition and counting .

  • Saturday 4-6yo classes 10-11am starting Saturday 17th March 2018
  • Places open for 4-6yo Literacy Tuesdays/Wednesdays 9.30-10.30am


A multi sensory program catering for all children.

Features ‘Little Learners Love Literacy’ resources, an Australian Literacy Program focussed on explicit teaching of phonics.

All our classes are run by highly experienced Primary Teachers who differentiate the program according to the different needs of each group.

We have been running for seven years and have many testimonials and return clients with younger siblings.

Bright, open plan learning space with small groups, allowing each child to participate.

It is a 12 month program and our classes follow the school term.

We offer Literacy Assessments and Private Tutoring from K – Grade 3.

We accept enrolments throughout the year as we understand that it often takes time after starting Kinder or school to see a need for our program. Our program is designed to revise all sounds your child may have missed if they didn’t start at the beginning of the year.

Your child will receive a Love 2 Learn Tote bag and Scrapbook when they enrol .

We have a Child Safety Standards Policy.

In Term 3 and 4  our 4-6yo groups are offered a Maths Magic session as an extension of the Literacy class. This means that the children stay on for their Maths Magic class for another hour (including snack time) The class runs from 9.30-11.30 There is an additional fee for the Maths Program.

Please click here to learn more about our new Maths magic program


If you are interested in attending these classes please click here and let us know.

2018 Timetable
  • Tuesday

    9.30 – 10.30 : 4 – 6yo (Terms 1-4) (  Terms 3/4- 9.30-11.30 for those wanting to opt into Maths Magic -optional )

    10.45-11.30 3yo (Terms 1/2) (Changes to 11.45-12.45 Terms 3/4- extended to 1 hr to incorporate Maths Magic)

    4pm – 5pm : Prep



    9.30 – 10.30 : 4-6yo (Terms1-4 ) (Terms 3/4- 9.30-11.30 for those wanting to opt into  Maths Magic-optional)

    10.45-11.30 : 3yo (Terms 1/2) 11.45-12.45 (Terms 3/4 extended to include Maths Magic)


    4pm – 5pm : Grade 1/2



    9.30 – 10.30 : 4 – 6yo (Terms 1-4)  (Terms 3/4  9.30-11.30 for those wanting to opt into  Maths Magic-optional)

    10.45 – 11.30 : 3yo (Terms1/2) 11.45-12.45 (Terms 3/4 extended to include Maths Magic)


    4- 5pm : 4 – 6yo



    9.30 – 10.30 : 4 – 6yo (Term1-4)  (Term 3/4  , 9.30-11.30- for those wanting to opt into Maths Magic -optional)

    10.45 – 11.30 : 3yo ( Terms 1/2)changes to  11.45-12.45 (Term 3/4 – extended to include Maths Magic)

    Saturday 10-11am 4-6yo Starting Saturday 17th March 2018

Children come to Love 2 Learn for many reasons:
  • build sound/letter links
  • gain phonemic awareness skills
  • learn the skills required to be a successful reader
  • learn to read and have experience with decodable readers before they start school
  • language support for children who have English as a second language
  • a support program for children with Speech/Specific Learning Difficulties
  • develop their fine motor skills, pencil grip and handwriting ability
  • increase their confidence in taking part in class discussion, taking turns and following directions
  • a support for children in Early Primary who benefit from a phonic based program to help them learn to read and spell
  • have fun and Love 2 Learn amongst other children
Practise your Sounds

Watch the video and learn how to pronounce all the sounds we learn as we do our Chitter Chatter Chant each class whilst meeting Milo the Monkey and all his friends.

The sounds are taught out of alphabetical sequence beginning with the sounds that are most easily pronounced. Learning the sounds is what helps your child to learn to read.

My eldest daughter did the 4-6 YO program in 2015. When she commenced Prep the results were outstanding. Her reading was assessed at a Grade 2 level! My younger daughter has completed the 3 YO program and is now in the 4-6 YO program she is recognising words and beginning to read already. Lisa has been a pleasure to deal with her teaching background is obvious as she is knowledgeable and patient but most of all makes learning fun.
Natalie, Surrey Hills
I approached Love 2 Learn because my son was struggling with his reading. Since attending Love 2 Learn in the Prep and now the Grade One class his confidence to have a go at reading unknown words has been amazing. He has made so much progress. Lisa is brilliant with all the children. She has a wealth of Literacy Knowledge and provides such fun, multi sensory activities perfectly aimed at each child’s ability.''
Megan, Melbourne
I was recommended to Love 2 Learn from another mother from kindergarten. We have been coming for three years. It has helped my daughter and son with the foundations of reading and phonetics for school. Lisa goes out of her way to help your child and every child is treated on an individual basis. She leases with my daughter and son’s Speech Therapist to help even further. Both my children love Love 2 Learn and the take home readers.''
Annabel Booth, Melbourne
Both my children attended Love 2 Learn. They looked forward to their weekly class for Show and Share, fun interactive activities and learning new letters and sounds. The take home readers have helped to improve my daughter’s reading ability. I would recommend this program to any pre school parents.''
Amelyn, Melbourne
Having little children read before they start Prep is such a blessing as they are school ready in Prep. I have sent my three children to Love 2 Learn and find that the teaching method is fun and gradually progresses from the basics to more detail. I can clearly see the positive impact it had on my son in Lisa’s Prep Class . It helped him develop his reading skills and confidence in having a go at spelling.I would highly recommend it to any parents looking for a school readiness program.''
Swee Mee, Melbourne
Love2Learn has been wonderful for our son. Lisa is fantastic with the children and our son has learnt all his letters and sounds. It complements play based learning at Kinder and provides the perfect start for school. I would definitely recommend the program."
Helen, Balwyn
Love 2 learn literacy helped my child develop confidence with learning. The classes are a fun and energetic way to learn literacy. I was amazed that in a short time my child was able to recognise letters, spell words and then read take home readers. I have no doubt that the basic foundations learnt at Learn 2 Learn was the reason that our first year at school was an academic success. Each week we looked forward to what to bring to “Show and share”. This was one of our favourite parts of the class. Lisa has a great understanding of the way children learn and were both very approachable to discuss the progress of my child. I would highly recommend Love 2 Learn and it should be part of every kid’s pre-school journey.''
Natalie Alati, Melbourne
Can't thank you enough for giving Heidi such a great head start for school! Thanks to Love2Learn she's loving it and doing really well  ''
Beccy Nicholls, Melbourne
Each week we looked forward to what to bring to “Show and share”. This was one of our favourite parts of the class.''
Tamara Lee, Melbourne
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Our Team
Lisa Price
Lisa Price
Owner/Director. Lisa is a highly experienced Primary Teacher with over 20 years experience. She has been running Love 2 Learn for over 4 years.
Belinda Jackson
Belinda Jackson
Teacher. Belinda is a highly qualified teacher, committed to working with both gifted students or students who have learning difficulties.